Rest Stop Radio is a podcast with stories about people traveling from here to there on I-90, the longest interstate in the country. Our stories come from Montana, the state with the largest stretch of that road. 

The show’s produced by students in the Advanced Audio class at the University of Montana School of Journalism taught by Jule Gardner Banville.

This project comes out of a semester class and episodes will be sporadic and will go on hiatus. Because college. That’s what happens. Until then, enjoy!

Our producers for Spring 2016

charlie_bioCHARLIE EBBERS is a guy who likes to be introspective and think about long term projects. He’s very curious, but not a professional yet. He’s still working on that. (He’s the strapping young chap in blue.)


Dom_picDOMINIQUE GIUSTI, Dom for short (like her) is from the San Francisco area but decided to expand her horizons by attending school at the University of Montana. This is her final semester, so let the job search begin! Her experience includes interning at Townsquare Media, reporting, anchoring and producing for UM Newscasts and anchoring for Montana PBS Newsbrief.

Cole_picGrowing up in Atlanta, COLE GRANT fled the heat to build igloos out in Montana. After ski-bumming for a couple years, he figured he’d stimulate the brain and go back to school. He found the journalism school after realizing he’d go nuts in the music program. In his free time, he can be found playing bass, staring directly into the sun or drinking wheatgrass.

Rest Stop Radio bio picCARRIE MILLER is a senior at the University of Montana and a part time Seattleite. She’s a news junkie and an avid swimmer. Her goal in life is to learn a little bit about a lot of things.




“I got jokers to the left of me and clowns to the right of me. I am stuck in the middle with you,” sings Bob Dylan. BENJAMIN ALVA POLLEY has worn many hats and has played many of the parts Bobby D. sings about at one time or another. He’s published in Esquire, Canoe & Kayak, Lake Superior Magazine, Whitefish Review, Written River, Black Heart Magazine, Flathead Living, Montana Headwall and Medium, among others. He is one of the Associate Editors of the Whitefish Review.


IMG_6592copyeditedJILLIAN WIGGERS is a photographer, designer, writer, audio enthusiast, horse-back rider, Red Bull hoarder, classic rock loving, mushroom and olive hating, 5-foot, sassy human. During her free time, you will find her out and about, wandering through the streets of Missoula with friends, bummin’ it on the couch with her very good friend Netflix, eating or, most likely, sleeping.



Tana_picTANA WILSON is a reader, puzzle fanatic, coffee drinker, brewery- goer, kayak explorer, Shark Week bum, blogger, amateur photographer, sauerkraut hater, and her ENTJ personality makes up only 3 percent of the world.




Bree_picBREE ZENDER is about to graduate from the University of Montana, is an intern at Montana Public Radio and produces a podcast called “StoryTalk: The Conversation You’ve Never Heard.” On the video side, she produces culture and recipe videos for the Montana Kaimin. Her interests include sleeping on occasion, food made by other people, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. To see more of her work, visit


jule_picJULE GARDNER BANVILLE is a prof at the University of Montana School of Journalism and teaches the advanced audio class that sent these fine producers out to the rest stop. She also hosts and edits the podcast Last Best Stories.