Episode 3

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In the third episode, we go down a twisty road that involves fact-checking a traveling YouTube star. We meet Erika on her way to a pagan festival and Gloria, who’s in a senior bowling tourney in Vegas. We talk to Adam, who’s been working on his rhymes in the car and wants to talk about a book that changed his life and we close it out with Paulina, a single mom and a trucker who’s trying to figure it out.

One thought on “Episode 3

  1. NF is a BIG liar says:

    Eric had to protect his family name when he got those burglary felonies back in his tweeker days, so he changed his name. Not because it “sounded” better.

    His father is a famous sports artist.

    His mother is the Director of the Oregon Emergency Management (OEM).

    To say the least, they weren’t very proud of their tweeker felon son, so he changed his name.

    The guy that Eric got Tilly from bent over backwards to be Eric’s friend, but Eric just used him like he uses everyone.

    More lies:

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